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It is only because of "problems" that we grow mentally and spiritually.
The Road Less Travelled - M. Scott Peck
Opportunities love to disguise themselves as problems.


Life poses an endless series of "problems".

Yet it is in this whole process of meeting and solving "problems" that life has its meaning .

"Problems" are the cutting edge that distinguishes between success an failure.  They call forth our courage and our wisdom, indeed, they create our courage and our wisdom.

It is only becaus of "problems" that we grow mentally and spiritually.

The Road Less Travelled - M. Scott Peck

Let's see if we shall meet.


DO YOU ?  (individual or collective)

  • Have a business/project /association that you believe in?


  • Stuck with some projects

  • Facing choices

  • Experiencing endless and ineffective meetings

  • Experiencing tensions, conflicts and power games

  • Feeling sometimes overwhelmed by, or lonely with, problems


  • Understand what is behind your numbers and connect your financial reality to your strategies.

  • Tame finances as a reading key to help to make choices. 

  • Find ways to help your team share visions, work better together and build a shared common goal

  • Increase your team members’ commitment, cooperation, well-being and effectiveness

  • Develop in-house expertise and skills

And so what ?

I can be the missing link to connect your resources.

With 25 years’ experience in business, strategy, finances and human resources in SME’s and associations, in teaching and personal and in groups coaching in Switzerland, I can offer you an external look, new tools and hindsight. 

I use a range of creative animations, structured frameworks and above all, deep listening of your needs, with respect for your history and specificities… My support is concrete.

Helping you take the next step

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Let's face the elephant 


  • Codesign “the how”

  • The spaces where action can take place, where problems can be solved

  • All the concrete management tools and indicators you’ll need to improve cooperation and take your organisation to the next level

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