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If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem
Eldridge Cleaver

What I propose is about:


Untangle, understand
Act on what we have power over
Improvise and create with what is

and be part of the solution.

Because working with me requires trust and because there is no way you could trust me based on my website...

...the 1st appointment is free in order to get to know each other and determine the basis of a possible collaboration.

The price depends on the prestations. Possibility to negociate packages.

Face-to-face or remote work. 

Steps and spaces

A efficient organisation is not an organisation without tensions, but one that knows how to identify them and how to create spaces to deal with them.

Steps and spaces.png

It's about separating the spaces according to the issues. Everything can be said/treated in the right space.

Identify the steps. Open and close them.
Determine the next possible small steps.
Go sometimes through interim steps that are comfortable enough to last if they need to.

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