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There is no ready-made recipe

Here are some of my sources of inspiration for creating the support and tools that look like you:

Inspirations and tools:

  • Shared governance tools (Holocracy, Université du Nous, Gouvernance cellulaire )

  • Image theater and theatrical improvisation,

  • Capitalisation of positive experiences and creativity

  • Professional practice analysis,

  • Equine behaviorism,

  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies Michael Harner & Ulla Straessle,

  • Vipassana - S. N. Goenka,

  • Principles of permaculture,

  • Society for Organizational Learning SOL, Peter Senge

Some inspiring authors: Mashall B. Rosenberg, Anthony de Mello, Stephen R. Covey, M. Scott Peck,  Paul Watzlawick, Erich Fromm, Viktor E. Frankle.

Animation/cooperation: Jürg Bichsel, Marc Thiébaud ( , Péan Rebetez, Bernard-Marie Chiquet, Peter Senge

For those who are interested in knowing how I put into practice and connect these various sources of inspiration. 

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